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Fruit at school programme

A change in children's eating habits

Our farm has been taking part in the ‘Fruit at school’ programme since it was first introduced by the European Commission at the beginning of the school year in 2009.

The main goal of the programme is a permanent change in children’s eating habits by increasing the number of fruit and vegetables in their everyday diet, and propagation of healthy eating through actions taken within the educational methods.

Students in the programme are provided with both juice and fresh fruit and vegetables ready to eat, ripe and healthy a few times a week. Children receive apples, pears, strawberries, carrots, bell peppers, radishes, and fruit and vegetable juice. Each kid covered by the programme gets once one portion of fruit as well as one portion of vegetables.

Fruit delivered to school comes from our 200h orchard and is produced in accordance with the strict rules of the Integrated plant production system (IP) with the use of biological methods which makes our products advantageous for health and diet. That is proven by national certificates.

Vegetable portions are prepared right before delivery to make sure that the received product is fresh. They are delivered every day in the early morning.

The sweetest and most delicious kinds of vegetables are cut into bars that look like chips or into slices that are visually attractive for kids. Students attending schools covered by the programme are allowed to visit our farm and orchard and get to know what the production process looks like.

For organised trips, we prepare special games and competitions.

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of fresh fruits

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