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Let us present the range of our juices

Our apple, pear and apple, apple and beet, apple and carrot juices are pressed from fruits grown in the Wojciech Klimkiewicz Farm. That big farm with more than 50 years of orchard tradition is a laureate of many awards and distinctions in the farming and orchard field.

Fruit and vegetables are produced according to the strict demands of integrated plant production with the use of biological methods. Thanks to that, the fruit and vegetables grown in our fields are full of health and diet properties that are proven by national certificates.

What makes our juice so special is that we know the history of its production from the very first step. Using fruit and vegetables grown by ourselves lets us obtain that knowledge.

We are also honoured to be a member of a regional heritage chain “Culinary heritage of Kuyavia and Pomerania” acting within the European culinary heritage chain which is proof of the quality of traditional and innovative food.

Our juice is sold in POLOMARKET stores, small wholesalers and shops around Poland.

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