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Production of our apples and pears

The production process

It all begins in the orchard where we take great effort to look after the natural environment.

Our fruits are free from any harmful substances and their qualities are proven by numerous certificates.


On our farm apples and pears are collected under a traditional method passed down from a great-grandfather to younger generations.

Collected with love and care, fruits are picked and placed into chest-like palettes and, on the same day, are put into walk-in freezers with temperatures around 2 degrees Celsius and low oxygen levels. Thanks to those parameters, fruits stay fresh, juicy and delicious for a long time.


Not to expose fruits to any kind of damage we transport them by water channels. They are then sorted out depending on their size, weight and colour. Such precise selection is possible by dint of modern preliminary sorting line AVETA, equipped with 28 water channels.


Fruits are packed in different types of packaging as requested by our clients, for example on trays, in cartons, in boxes, in bags and many more.

Pressed juices 3l
of fresh fruits

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